laugh. encourage. smile. be kind. LOVE. tolerate. BE.

Meet the Artist

Rachel Romero is native to the Memphis, TN area. Rachel’s love of painting as a form of interpretation and expression began as a very small child.    A lifetime of painting has produced an artist who is said to be “creating a genre.”  Throughout her body of work, Romero’s distinctively fresh and daring approach is evident in her powerful use of color.  Inspiration for her art is spontaneous and fluid which results in a uniquely provocative visual experience.  

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel.

With each piece, Romero hopes to convey to the audience that everything doesn’t have to fit into a box to be beautiful.  Just as every being is vital to our personal realities, every brush stroke or drop of paint represents someone --- without just one of those, the painting would look different.  Romero hopes that her work will inspire others to realize the importance and unique beauty of every individual.  “I want us to be able to talk freely and gently about the ‘elephant’ in the room, this way we can come to understand one another better.”